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Nordic Trinity featuring tenor saxophonist Juhani "Junnu" Aaltonen, guitarist Mikko Iivainen and drummer Klaus Suonsaari released their fourth CD, Nordic Trinity: Live,  for KSJAZZ label during their October 2012 tour in Finland.

Bassist Julian F. Thayer, tenor saxophonist Scott Robinson, pianist Emil Vickly and drummer Klaus Suonsaari performed a highly creative and successful concert at Mozart & Science Conference in Krems, Austria.

This is what critics are saying!

"Julian F. Thayer and Klaus Suonsaari continue their embrace of and journey through the entirety of the jazz pedagogy. In a piano-less trio setting, Julian and Klaus chose saxophonist Charlie Mariano, and put him definitively out of his comfort zone. The result is a very spontaneous performance by all involved. It's a challenging listen, but well worth the effort."
---Branford Marsalis, Saxophonist/Marsalis Music Recording Artist

"The trio's (Live in Helsinki) wild improvisations defy predictable paths leaving the listener wanting to hear more of their challenging music."
--- Ken Dryden, AllAboutJazz New York

"...this boldly improvising quartet deals in heightened and immediate interplay. And Suonsaari's considerable skills as a drummer, along with his expansive vocabulary on the kit, allow him to react instantly and with strong conviction no matter what the setting. More people in the U.S., particularly free-jazz fans, should get to know about this creative percussive colorist from Finland."
--- Bill Milkowski, Reviews Drum Beat/JazzTimes
Klaus Suonsaari has been selected to be in a Who's Who in Finland 2007 (Otava Publishing Company Ltd.) publication. Who's Who in Finland contains biographical information of almost four thousand important Finnish persons on the fields of science, culture, politics, and society.
The twenty first edition of the remarkable index of Finnish persons includes 400 people presented for the first time.
Nordic Trinity: Wonders Never Cease CD has been nominated for the prestigous Emma Award. The winner will announced on March 10, 2007. The trio's CD was also voted as one of the Best Jazz Albums of 2006 by Helsingin Sanomat Critic's Poll. Nordic Trinity is featuring Juhani Aaltonen (tenor saxophone), Mikko Iivanainen (guitar), Klaus Suonsaari (drums). Please visit KSJAZZ RADIO to hear this exciting new group.
Klaus Suonsaari has enjoyed a multifaceted, star-studded international career as a performer, recording artist, composer, and educator. He has taught a vast array of clinics, workshops, master and private classes, and ensembles across the globe.
Klaus Suonsaari is now available for private studies featuring a sequenced curriculum, which will be tailored to an individual's needs and preferences.
Klaus Suonsaari has joined the faculty at the Norwood School of Music in Norwood, New Jersey. Please visit press/news page for more information.
Klaus Suonsaari composition "Big Foot" is featured on a new Niels Lan Doky Trio Montmartre: "Scandinavian Reminiscence" CD. The CD has been released in Japan by VideoArtsMusic, Inc. and in France/Europe by Label Ames. "Big Foot" is also featured on Diana Krall's "Stepping Out"(Justin Time) 1993 recording (Re-released in 1999 on IMPULSE!). Please visit press/news for more information.
Check out my radio show featuring songs from Klaus Suonsaari/Frank Carlberg: Fallingwater, Klaus Suonsaari: Live in Helsinki, Klaus Suonsaari/Frank Carlberg: Offering, Klaus Suonsaari Quintet: Reflecting Times and much more.
Here you can find out the latest tour dates for Klaus Suonsaari. This page is updated daily. I welcome you to visit it as often as you would like to.
Please visit KSJAZZ - Home for Creative Musicians Label Website
Klaus Suonsaari endorses Vic Firth drum sticks, brushes and mallets.
Klaus Suonsaari has been Kumu artist since 2005. Please check out 24/7 Klaus Suonsaari Radio to hear these wonderful instruments. Please visit press/news for more information.
Klaus Suonsaari has been Paiste artist since 1998. Check out 24/7 Klaus Suonsaari Radio to hear these wonderful instruments. Please visit press/news for current cymbal set up.
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